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OBITUARY come into this cruel world alone; and we leave this cruel world alone.
We don’t know what environment we will be born into or what experiences will shape us. DEATH1 are lead to Jesus by good parenting or by seeing good examples; some are not so lucky and have to learn the hard way; some never learn.
When we leave this earth, we will meet our maker on our own; and Jesus, who knows our struggles or experiences, will help him see the error of his ways in a way he never knew.
Nothing will bring back the individuals he killed. DEATH1 to have forgiveness for someone who made Gods choices as far as how long another person should live. That’s why we have to leave it in God’s hands.

We Will never comprehend the Grace of God. No matter what we’ve done, when we come repenting, God forgives us. OBITUARY wants justice when done wrong. But it is never up to us. Only God knows if he truly had a change of heart. If you can remember the sinner who was dying next to Jesus, the LAST minute of his life, he asked for forgiveness and Jesus said TODAY he will be with Him in paradise. there’s nothing said about the Jesus not accepting him. Unless we can see this person in the eyes of God, we will never understand.

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